Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Boardgame nostalgia at the end of time

We had two full bags of boardgames and a week to play. We were isolated in a house on an island. This, I felt, was a chance to sink our teeth into some of the more time consuming games out there. I was anxious to get a game of Epic BattleLore going as well as a four player Dungeon Twister.

However, the week played out a little differently. Plenty of gaming, but our restless thirty plus city souls never found time for the more ambitious projects. We played several games of Ticket to Ride and Thurn and Taxis. We also managed to squeeze in Settlers of Catan and Citadels.

Time didn't use to be an issue. In my gaming peak, about twelve years ago, we could play through the night and well into the morning and not even finish the game. Games like Civilization and Mighty Empires could take an hour per turn and it really didn't bother us. There was nothing else demanding our attention. We played through hunger, thirst, fatigue and even sickness. Somehow, as long as there were huge bottles of Coca-Cola around, we were fine.

I miss those times. I miss the ability to shut everything out but the rolling of the dice. Our island boardgaming trip was great. I love the lighter games too. But Ticket to Ride can only get you that deep. And I realized on that trip that the days of boargaming trancendance would never return.

Two hours is the upper limit nowadays. Any game that takes longer than that will get one play only and then returns to the shelf, never to be dusted off again. Sadly. Because Dungeon Twister is a really cool game. And don't you just love Diplomacy?


Tomas said...

I miss those days too... We see fewer and fewer dawns the older we get, until one day we realize we actually go up before the dawn.

I want those days back!

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Monsieur said...

Thanks, mate. Glad you like the blog and feel free to spread the word. is an excellent site. See u there.

Christer said...

I would say that we had a difficult time dealing with our childhood you-must-go-out-and-play-complex that our parent made sure we got when we where kids.

Monsieur said...

True. And the weather was nice part of the time.